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If you are a racer or just an ordinary rider who often use a motorcycle for daily use, you should know the rules about gear. One of the basic rules is to wear your helmet while riding to protect your head to avoid having severe brain trauma during collisions. Second is you should wear your hand gloves or motor gloves as well it is maybe uncomfortable during daytime for it’s warm but you don’t have a choice but to wear one of these during your trips.

Here are some reasons why you need to wear your gloves at all times.


First, Falls are Unpredictable. No matter how careful you are during your ride falling is very unpredictable because, for example, someone will cut you off in a traffic, or a strong rush of wind from a truck could throw you off. Anything could happen anytime anywhere. That’s why you need to wear your gloves


Second, is to prevent hand numbness. Have you ever on a long road trip and after you arrived at your destination your hands will go numb because you haven’t wear gloves. It’s important to wear your gloves every day so that you can ride safely without getting your hand goes numb.


Third, is to get a good grip. Most gloves have silicon material on it so that rider will surely have a good grip even if their hands become hot and sweaty.

Sapa Yopa Motorcycle Club president, Sarel Nong once said that “The biggest downside of getting the best gear which is cutting-edge and safe is the high price and this is no different when it comes to buying proper gloves.”

KTM Gloves is one of the best motorcycle hand gloves brands around the globe. Aside from style and not just talking about how comfy their hand gloves is there are lots of collection to choose from. KTM MECHANIC GLOVES I Tough work glove with rubber coating for more grip. Snug fit printed KTM Racing logo. Ribbed cuff. 60 % nylon / 40 % nitrile. KTM RADICAL X GLOVES BLACK. It’s one of there summer motorcycle glove. It was beautifully made with goatskin leather, mesh, neoprene that reinforce on areas at risk in the event of a crash. It also has Finger and knuckles protector. In Addition to this product is it has a protector on the heel of the hand silicone fingertips for better grip, Velcro fastener, and Wrist closure. Those are just one of the example that KTM has in their collection. But don’t worry There will be more and more collections to look forward to.  So what are you waiting for? grab one of KTM’S ready to race moto gloves and have a safe secure ride.